On March 6, 2012  VOTE FOR
U S House of Representatives, TEXAS DISTRICT  4

Sulphur Springs, Texas


  Personal, Professional & Family Information:

    Dr. John Cooper:
    Baptist Minister 
    Registered Professional Land Surveyor

    Address: 1011 South Davis Street.
    Office Phone 903-439-1218 home 903-885-6423
    Cooper Land Surveying, Sulphur Springs
    Married to Billie Cooper for 27 years with 5 grown children
    Born 6-11-1939 in Hugo, Oklahoma

  Educational Background:

    Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Education, 1972 Dallas Bible College
    Bachelor of Theology, 1972 Dallas Bible College
    Master of Divinity, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1976
    Doctor of Ministry, Luther Rice Theological Seminary 1978
    Civic Information:

    Lifetime member of Kiwanis International
    Lifetime member of Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis
    Various other activities

  Reason for Seeking this Office:

    I feel that God is leading me to seek this office:

    I have been teaching a class on the Constitution and I realize why our Country's founders emphasized that we should protect our Constitution, and maintain an obedient spirit in reflecting our gratitude to God for our country.

    George Washington said, "It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor."
    George Washington's statement was a reflection of 2nd Chronicles 7:14
     "...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray  and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways , then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

    Ronald Reagan understood this when he said, "If we forget that we are One Nation Under God , then we will be a nation gone under.
    I am convinced that our country must acknowledge the providence of almighty God.
    I am also convinced that the Constitution must be defended against all enemies be they foreign or domestic and to do that we must STUDY the Constitution not just read it.

    Our first chief Justice, John Jay one of the authors of the Federalist Papers said, "Every member of the State ought to diligently read and study the Constitution...and teach the rising generation to be free. By knowing their rights, they will sooner perceive when they are violated and be the better prepared to defend and assert them."


    If ,"you the people", choose to elect me to this office, I will go to Congress with the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other because Rom. 13.. command us to obey the Law of the Land and our Law under our Republic is the Constitution .

  8 Hours CEU (Continuing Education);

    1. I will propose Legislation that will require all  Government employee and all Elected Public Servants, who take the oath, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies foreign or domestic, that they must have 8 hours of Continuing Education on studying the Constitution before they take the oath.
    2. It is absolutely necessary that each elected or employed person understand the dynamics of, the oath of office, so that they may realize what that oath really means before they swear to it.

  Health Care;

    1. Obamacare as it is called must be totally Repealed.
    2. It is Unconstitutional.

  Support Nation Israel;

    I will also propose Legislation to Insure that our Republic continue its support of the Nation Israel.

  Job Creation and Common Sense Legislation in Washington;

      1. REDUCE TAXES 
        1. A tax cut of at least 25% across the board for everyone Immediately.
        2. I will work diligently to start the process of restoring jobs to our people that our government destroyed in the last few years.
      2. FAIR TAX  
        1. Legislation that will remove our current Tax burden.
        2. To pay taxes when we buy merchandise will be the best way to overcome this current nightmare of being overtaxed.
        3, This will restore Sovereignty to all citizens
               1. No Taxes
               2. Own your property
         1. Legislation to force our Government to protect our Borders from our enemies.
         2.Our Constitution specifically lists This as ONE OF the  Government's Primary Responsibility.
        1. Legislation to force our Government to Curb the influx of Illegal Aliens.
        2. We have laws to govern their entrance into our country.
        3. Those who enter illegally must be sent back with instruction of how to enter legally.
         1. We must impose term limits on all elected public servants
              a. The Supreme Court Justices
              b. Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate
              c.  ALL Elected Officials
      6. FREE MARKET 
        1. We must get our Free Market System to going again
        2. It has been stagnated to long by our government with over regulation.
        1. I am a strict believer in the Constitution.
        2. We must insist that our Government embrace the limited powers given to them by our Constitution.
        3. "We The People" must enforce these limited powers by the Vote or other Constitutional means.
        4. "We The People" must hold those who usurp these powers and violate their oath accountable.
      8. OATH KEEPING 
         We must INSIST that our Legislators keep their oath to the Constitution.
        1. We the people must insist that our government balance the budget.
        2. This spending spree must never be allowed to happen again.
        3. "We The People" must assert our power our our Congress (HOUSE & SENATE).
        4. They are OUR elected representatives in OUR Republic which is governed by Our Constitution, They Work for us
            (WE the PEOPLE)
      10. VOTER I. D. 
         1.We must enact an efficient Voter Identification to prevent Voter fraud so that we can have FREE and FAIR
         2. Our modern technology can assist us, such as Picture ID etc.

      11. HATE CRIME BILL 
         1. It is aimed at controlling Free Speech in our Churches.
         2. Muzzle the Pastor from preaching the Bible.
         3. It is unconstitutional and must be repealed.
         4. I will work hard to keep the Federal Government from interfering in our Churches.
         5. We must protect our First amendment Rights.
         1. This doctrine does not EXIST in our Constitution. .
         2. Our Constitution clearly says that the State (or Federal Government) cannot interfere with the church.
         3. The Church can do whatever it wants.
         4. All the laws prohibiting the free exercise of our Christian rights given to us in the Bible:
               1. To Pray anytime or anywhere.
               2. To Read the Bible anytime or anywhere.
               3. Read the 10 Commandments.
               4. Preach the Word of God.
               5. To have Bible Studies in our home.
               6. Many more of our freedoms that have been removed,     ARE ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
      13. National Deficit 
         1. I will work hard to create a FAIR and BALANCED INTERNATIONAL  Trade Policy.
         2. I will immediately present a bill to slash all Budgets by 25% except Defense.
         3. I will work to Eliminate ALL DISCRESIONARY SPENDING in our Congress.
         4. It is simply Charity that our Government  Cannot AFFORD.
         5. The  passage of the Health Care bill In both houses clearly demonstrates openly and clearly the corruption that
             exists in our Congress, both the House and the Senate.
         English must Remain THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of our  Nation..
         1. Drill for Oil, America has more than enough Oil to last us for years.
         2. Our Government has Purposefully prevented us from being Energy Independent.
      16. AntiGroping Laws - Illegal Searches 
         1. Violation of our Fourth Amendment Rights.


    1. "WE THE PEOPLE, can still make common sense decisions and run this country.
    2. I know that I can count on you to help and I want you to know that you can count on me.
    3. I want to reconnect the people in my district with the Congress.
    4. We the people, can flex our muscles by voting and getting personally involved in this Politically Corrupt Country
    5. Use 2nd Chrinicles 7"14 and by Gods grace, we can rebuild America Together and we will never Fear the Government,
        IRS or any other Governmental agency again.   

  I believe in Traditional Conservative Family Values:

    1. Abortion is the wrong choice
    2. Marriage is between one man and one woman
    3. We should be able to own a gun to protect ourselves, our families and our property.
    4. Our Government should protect it's citizens from foreign enemies while allowing American Citizens the freedom to
        pursue life, liberty and happiness.
    5. That our Government should practice strict fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they
    6. The best Government is that which governs the least.
    My goal is to reconnect the people in my district with Congress. I will do this by dedicating the first three Mondays of each month to a morning breakfast meeting in different locations throughout district 4 to keep in touch with my constituents.


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